Root, Grow And
Bloom nutrition

1 Pack 1 Pot 1 Plant

Capsuled Polymered

Plant Nutrition


A pack of Growcaps contains all of the nutrition required to grow 1 plant from seedling to harvest in an 11 litre pot. All you need to do is water it – with 30% less water then you are used to and let Growcaps do the rest!

Growcaps contains capsuled polymers.
Does NOT stick to roots!

Retain water,
saving more
then 30%

GrowCaps dissolve in phases, releasing
differing nutrients at the right time
throughout your plants’ lifecycle.
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Retains water, saving more then 30% water.
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Creates a strong and healty taproot.
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Stimulates vigorous groth during vegatation.
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Increase the yield by boosting flower fase.

How much you need

1 Litre Soil 2 grams of growcaps
10 Litre Soil  20 grams of growcaps
100 Litre Soil  200 grams of growcaps
1000 Litre Soil  2 KG of growcaps

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Very good for a natural grow!

Very good for growing in and outdoors! Very easy to use and understand and very good results!

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